When on School Grounds


Supervision begins at 7:00 am. At that time, children are permitted on the school grounds. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria beginning at 7:00am. After school all students should be off campus within 15 minutes after the last bell rings. Students, staff and visitors are expected to avoid disruption by quietly passing classes in session.

Do Not Bring


Pets and other animals are not to be brought onto school grounds at any time. Animals are permitted at school only when needed for instructional purposes and when under the strict control of qualified instructors or handlers.

Please do not walk your dog on campus after hours or on the weekend.

Toys, Games, Etc.

Students are not allowed to bring toys to school as it is a distraction to learning and often results in lost or broken toys. PSPs, iPods, Game Boys, or any other type electronic entertainment devices are not permitted on school grounds. Theft or loss of such items will not be investigated by school personnel.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not allowed on school grounds.

Other Inppropriate Items

Students may not bring items inappropriate to the educational process, such as poppers, iPods, ear buds, earphones, PSPs, laser pointers, tape recorders, video games, cameras, rollerblades, toys, stuffed animals, bandanas, spray of any kind (cologne, deodorant, etc), permanent markers, liquid white-out, helium balloons, birthday cakes or food with frosting, gum and energy/caffeine drinks.

Student Phone Usage

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Signaling Devices

All students may have cell phones and other electronic signaling devices on school grounds and school buses, at school-sponsored activities, and while under the supervision of district employees. Students may use cellular phones, and other electronic signaling devices on school campus appropriately during school hours (7:30 am to 2:25 pm). Unauthorized use of these devices distracts from the learning environment. School officials, including classroom teachers, may take devices away from students for inappropriate use. Repeated unauthorized use of such devices may lead to disciplinary action.

Students and parents are reminded that during an emergency situation, cellular sites may be overwhelmed due to a high volume of calls. Should this occur, emergency communication could also be affected. It is important that cell phones and other devices be used sparingly so that emergency services have priority to assist the students and staff on the site.

Theft or loss of such devices will not be investigated by school personnel. Students bring such devices at their own risk.

Student Telephone Calls

Students are not allowed to make telephone calls except in emergency situations. The school incurs charges for every call made and if all requests by students to use the telephone were allowed, the cost could be substantial. Arrangements for after-school activities, obtaining required books and homework, glasses, lunches, lunch money, etc. should be taken care of in the morning before the student leaves home.

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